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More Needless Deaths

Bill Johnson, columnist with the Denver Post, told the story today of two people, , who were killed while riding their motorcycle on August 22, 2010.  According to Johnson’s article, the friends were struck by a car making a left hand turn into an alley.  This summer has seen too many needless deaths caused by the carelessness and recklessness of Denver drivers.  From the tragic deaths of the couple struck by the RTD bus to the deaths of Jeffery and Rana it has been a summer filled with pain and loss for too many Colorado families.

Maybe I’m too close to this because I deal with the victims of these types of accidents every day.  But Jeffery and Rana’s story is unfortunately not a rare occurrence.  The majority of motorcycle accident cases that I work on occur when a driver of a car makes a left hand turn across traffic and they fail to yield the right of way to an oncoming motorcycle.  In many of these types of cases the Police fail to give the driver of the car a ticket because of some overt or subconscious bias towards motorcycle riders.  Fortunately, in Jeffery and Rana’s case it appears as though the driver was cited for careless driving.

So if you get a chance today take a moment and say a little prayer for Dana and her five surviving sons.  And please if you are driving a car look for motorcycle riders before making that left hand turn.

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