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A Case Study Of A Motorcycle Accident

Listed below is a typical motorcycle accident case.

I have a client that was in a motorcycle accident this past summer who was cited by the Police as being at fault for the accident.  As a former city prosecutor, I couldn’t understand why my client had been cited.

Here is what happened.  Client was traveling Southbound on a major Denver street and the other driver was traveling Northbound.  The other driver stopped at a green light in the left hand turn lane to make a left across the street.  Rather than wait for the left turn arrow at the intersection, the other driver pulled blindly across traffic and hit my client.  The cops interviewed two independent witness at the scene and took statements from my client and the other driver.  The two eyewitnesses said it was the other driver’s fault.  The cops ignored them and listened to the other driver and cited my client for careless driving.  To add insult to injury, my client was severely injured in this collision and will need continuing medical care and treatment well into the future.

Immediately after being hired I interviewed all the witnesses and spoke with the cops.  The witnesses confirmed it was the other driver’s fault.  The cops hemmed and hawed and refused to charge the other driver.  We met with the prosecutor and after hearing our version of the story and a summary of the witness statements all charges were dropped.

While all of this had being going on I was simultaneously dealing with the other driver’s insurance company.  The other driver’s insurance company is disputing liability and I have given them one last chance to reverse their opinion.  If they fail to do so I will not hesitate to file a lawsuit against the other driver.

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